How Old is the PC?

The 12th of August 2011 marked the 'august' anniversary of the first IBM PC which was launched way back in 1981 - 30 years ago. At this dawn of personal computing the IBM PC 5150 had a minuscule 4.77MHz processor and 16KB of RAM. It sold for a whopping $1,565 for the entry-level model.

Because IBM chose to build the PC with standard parts it enabled other manufacturers to get right in on the act with cheaper compatible PC systems. Within a few years the computer revolution had really begun to turn our world on its head. By 2015, it is expected that PC sales worldwide will rise above 400 million. Of course, the PC of today has power and performance that simply dwarfs its trentagenarian ancestor. The cost of purchase, however, is now dramatically reduced - you could buy 10 brand new models for the equivalent price of one IBM 5150.

With the super-speed development of internet and mobile technologies continuing apace, it seems that the classic desktop PC will soon be consigned to the past that is inhabited by rotary dial telephones and cathode-ray tube televisions. What will we be talking into, looking at, or writing and recording on in another 30 years time?

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